Charlie Rose: Brain Series

I just came across this online collection of videos from Charlie Rose. Entitled The Brain Series and underwritten by the Simons Foundation, there are 13 hour-long programs devoted to the full range of contemporary neuroscience. The episode list for the first year of the series includes:
  • Episode 1 - The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain
  • Episode 2 - The Perceiving Brain
  • Episode 3 - The Acting Brain
  • Episode 4 - The Social Brain
  • Episode 5 - The Developing Brain
  • Episode 6 - The Aging Brain
  • Episode 7 - The Emotional and Vulnerable Brain
  • Episode 8 - The Anxious Brain
  • Episode 9 - The Mentally Ill Brain
  • Episode 10 - The Disordered Brain
  • Episode 11 - The Deciding Brain
  • Episode 12 - The Creative Brain
  • Episode 13 - Highlights from the Series
Charlie is now in the second year of the series and the episode, The Agnosias, was broadcast in January, 2012. It included interviews with Eric Kandel, Chuck Close, Masud Hussain, John Brust, and Richard Frackowiak.

Seems like a series I want to explore some more. Each episode can be viewed online or purchased as a DVD.