Blogs in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Last updated: 20150219)

Online University Reviews: Top 100 Mental Health & Psychology Blogs (Oct, 2005). “With these top 100 sites you will find an excellent resource from which to educate yourself on mental health and psychology issues.”

BPS Research Digest Blog The British Psychological Society publishes an almost daily guide to "cutting edge reports on the latest psychology research"

CogNews: What's On Your Mind? A news site for the cognitive sciences -- neurology, psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, linguistics, biology, sociology, anthropology and more.

Cognitive Daily "reports nearly every day on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field"

MindHacks (Tom, Matt, et al.)

Neuroanthropology "...understanding the encultured brain and body"

Neuropathologyblog (Brian E. Moore, MD)


Nikolas Rose

PsyBlog | Discover the Science of Psychology

SciLogs.Com (Nature Publishing)…The Daily Storyline of Science


Bad Science Blog & Bad Science (The Guardian, UK) Ben Goldacre's blog & newspaper column skewering the media's coverage of science. He sometimes takes on bad psychological science.

The Media Psychology Effect: Examining Psychology Through Media (Bernard Luskin, Psychology Today)

The Magnet Is Always On: A Cognitive Neuroscience Blog

Podcasts & Online Sound Broadcasts

RadioLab (WNYC-FM) PBX describes RadioLab as "an investigation. Each episode is a patchwork of people, sounds, stories and experiences centered around One Big Idea. On Radio Lab, science bumps into culture...information sounds like music." Beginning in 2005 (Season 1), this podcast program has treated topics like the neurology of mind & self, placebo effects, sleep, memory & forgetting.

The Psych Files (Michael Britt, Ph.D.) Interviews about topics in psychology accompanied by notes, links to resources, etc.
This Week in the History of Psychology (Chris Green, Ph.D., York U, Toronto, Canada)

Royal College of Psychiatry (UK) Podcast Raj Persaud talks to...

The Philosophers Zone (Australian Broadcasting Co.) • Alan Saunders • Weekly discussion of philosophical issues

Montreal Neurological Institute Podcasts