Wellcome Collection: Brains

The Wellcome Collection in London, UK will host a new exhibition, Brains: The Mind as Matter, March 29 through June 17, 2012. The exhibit is described as:

"Our major new free exhibition seeks to explore what humans have done to brains in the name of medical intervention, scientific enquiry, cultural meaning and technological change. Featuring over 150 artefacts including real brains, artworks, manuscripts, artefacts, videos  and photography, 'Brains' follows the long quest to manipulate and decipher the most unique and mysterious of human organs, whose secrets continue to confound and inspire. 'Brains' asks not what brains do to us, but what we have done to brains, focusing on the bodily presence of the organ rather than investigating the neuroscience of the mind."

A series of
images galleries displays figures which illustrate
  • Measuring-Classifying
  • Modelling-Mapping
  • Cutting-Treating
  • Giving-Taking
There is also a 360º brain to examine.