Aparna Das

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Reilly Hall 212

Research: I am interested in the design and analysis of approximation algorithms, geometric algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and computational game theory. 

Background: Before coming to Le Moyne College I was a posdoc at the University of Arizona. I earned my PhD in computer science from Brown University.  I have a Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a Bachelors degree from Cornell in computer science. 

Current Courses 

Previous Courses 
  • CSC 172- Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and  Data Structures
  • CSC 241 -Transition to Java
  • CSC 475- Technology Transitions


Approximating the Generalized Minimum Manhattan Problems. With Krzysztof Fleszar, Stephen Kobourov, Joachim Spoerhase, Sankar Veeramoni, and Alexander Wolff.  In ISAAC 2013.

Approximating Minimum Manhattan Networks in Higher Dimensions. With Emden Gansner, Michael Kaufmann, Stephen Kobourov, Joachim Spoerhase, and Alexander Wolff.  In ESA 2011.

The train delivery problem- vehicle routing meets bin-packing. With Claire Mathieu and Shay Mozes. In WAOA 2010.

A quasi-polynomial time approximation scheme for Euclidean capacitated vehicle routing. With Claire Mathieu, In SODA 2010. The presentation slides. A journal version under submission.

Greedy Bidding Strategies for Keyword Auctions. With Matthew Cary, Ben Edelman, Ioannis Giotis, Kurtis Heimerl, Anna Karlin, Claire Mathieu, and Michael Schwarz. In EC 2007. A journal version.

On hierarchical diameter-clustering, and the supplier problems. With Claire Mathieu. In WAOA 2006. The presentation slides Journal version in Theory of Computing Systems 2009, WAOA special issue.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Image Quest: From Multiple Inaccurate Trajectories to One Accurate Trajectory. With Stephen Kobourov, Sankar Veeramoni and Yunhao Xu. Poster presented at Histochemistry 2012.

Maximizing profit using recommender systems. With Claire Mathieu and Daniel Ricketts. Unpublished manuscript.

On the Effects of Competing Advertisements in Keyword Auctions. With Ioannis Giotis, Anna Karlin and Claire Mathieu. Unpublished manuscript.