I am an assistant professor of MIS at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. I am currently conducting research into how individuals make decisions and how the availability of technological decision aids impacts the decision making process.

When I'm not studying technology and human behavior, I like to cook. For someone without a drop of Italian blood in them, I've been told I make a pretty mean pizza.

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In the Fall of 2014, I am teaching one section of MIS201 (the introductory MIS course), one section of MIS415 (business intelligence), and one section of MIS601 (the MBA information strategy course).

I have also taught Systems Analysis & Design, Enterprise Systems, Accounting Information Systems, and the MBA level MIS overview course.


Currently I am wrapping up a couple of papers for initial submission. The first paper deals with how individuals source information from other individuals. The second paper deals with the interaction between age, topic expertise, and interface design.

Future projects include how individuals extract information from inanimate information sources based on source design characteristics. I also am investigating how emotional investment in the topic being researched impacts the search process.