This is the home page for SOC/CJS 321, Law, Society and Social Science for the Fall 2017 semester. This course will be taught by Professor Cliff Donn, Department of Anthropology, Criminology and Sociology. If you find any links that don't work or mistakes on this page or its links, please report them to Cliff.


Professor Clifford B. Donn (Cliff to you) RH 415 445-4467
COURSE POLICIES: Polices for CJS/LGS/SOC 321 are contained in the course syllabus and on this web page and its various links. Student are required to be familar with those polices and to comply with them.
Course Syllabus and Reading List: Here you will find the course syllabus and reading list for SOC/CJS 321, including the schedule of assignments, expectations for both students and the instructor, and the list of both required and optional readings.
Glossary: Here is a list of terminology used both in class and in the readings. Please print this out and bring it to class and use it when you are doing the assigned readings.
Library Reserve List: This is a list of all items I have asked the library to put on reserve for SOC/CJS 321 this semester. If the library says something is not on reserve, check here first to see if I requested that it be put on reserve. If I didn't, please let me know. If I did, please ask the librarian to look again.
Journal Assignment: This is a description of the journal assignment in SOC/CJS 321 this semester. Please read this carefully so you know what is required. Please make special note of the due dates since late journal assignments will not be accepted. There is also a rubric that guides the evaluation of your journal entries. That rubric provides a short hand method by which the instructor will make comments on your journals.
Case Presentations: The major assignment this semester is a "case presentation." That assignment is described in detail here. The rubric indicating the standards by which the submitted case material will be evaluated is located here.
Course Requirements: All assignments for this course are listed here together with a statement about how much each contributes to the student's final grade.
Examinations: Information about exams and sample examination questions will be located here. Here you will find a quiz schedule that indicates exactly when quizzes will be given and which readings will be covered.
Format: This is a description of the policies with regard to citations (including when to cite and how to cite) and plagiarism in this course and in other courses I teach. I recommend printing this out and reading it carefully before you write and submit your brief for the case presentation. Improperly cited assignments will be returned to the student for correction with a 20% grade penalty.
Announcements: Any changes in the class schedule, reading list, assignments, etc. will be found here. Posting a change here constitutes official notice to the class so, even though you may not often see material here, you should check this link twice every week.
Office Hours: Cliff's office hours for the current semester can be found here. Of course you can call or drop by or make an appointment at other times as well.
Cases: You are welcome to attend arbitration or mediation cases with Cliff (although you should not use this as an excuse to cut other classes) as an observer to see what they are like.  There is a sign-up sheet on his office door but you can look at the cases which are currently scheduled here.
Class Slides: After we complete each topic, the powerpoint slides for the class will be placed here.