Below you will find the schedule of quizzes together with the readings corresponding to each quiz for the Fall 2017 semester. 

All of the readings for the quizzes come from Larson and Schmidt, The Law and Society Reader II






Sept 7

Nature of Law


Albiston, “The Rule of Law and the Litigation Process: The Paradox of Losing by Winning,”

Mertz, “A New Social Constructionism for Sociolegal Studies,”

Sept 14

Theoretical Perspectives


Beckett and Hoffman, “Challenging Medicine: Law, Resistance, and the Cultural Politics of Childbirth,”

Calavita, “Blue Jeans, Rape, and the ‘De-Constitutive’ Power of Law,”

Sept 21

Organization of the Law


Grossman, Kritzer and Macaulay, “Do the ‘Haves’ Still Come Out Ahead”

Zackin, “Popular Constitutionalism’s Hard When You’re Not Very Popular: Why the ACLU Turned to the Courts,”

Sept 28

How Law is Made


Grattet and Jenness, “The Reconstitution of Law in Local Settings: Agency Discretion, Ambiguity, and a Surplus of Law in Policing of Hate Crimes,”

Sohoni, “Unsuitable Suitors: Anti-Miscegenation Laws, Naturalization Laws, and the Construction of Asian Identities,”

Oct 12

Law and Social Control


Parker, “The ‘Compliance’ Trap: The Moral Message in Responsive Regulatory Enforcement,”

Tyler and Boeckmann, “Three Strikes and You Are Out, but Why? The Psychology of Public Support for Punishing Rule Breakers,”

Oct 19

Law and Dispute Resolution


Coglianese, “Litigating within Relationships: Disputes and Disturbance in the Regulatory Process,”  

Hadfield, “Framing the Choice between Cash and the Courthouse: Experiences with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund,”

Oct 26

Law and Social Change


Keck, “Beyond Backlash: Assessing the Impact of Judicial Decisions on LGBT Rights,”

Nielson, “Situating Legal Consciousness: Experiences and Attitudes of Ordinary Citizens about Law and Street Harassment,”

Nov 7

Attorneys and the Legal System


Dinovitzer and Garth, “Lawyer Satisfaction in the Process of Structuring Legal Careers,”

Heinz, Laumann, Nelson, and Michelson, “The Changing Character of Lawyers’ Work: Chicago 1975-1995,”

Nov 14

Researching Law and Society


Garth and Sterling, “From Legal Realism to Law and Society: Shaping Law for the Last Stages of the Social Activist State,”

Moran, “What Counts as Knowledge? A Reflection on Race, Social Science and the Law,”