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  General Biographical & Historical Resources


This subpage will provide a listing of resources which can be used to research the lives and historical context of individuals and movements in Narrative Psychology. It is an adjunct to the Theorists & Key Figures listing.

[Internet Resources]

Some general Internet biographical resources


[Bibliographical Resources]

Browsers might wish to conduct library-based research with some of the following general references for biography and other summary data for psychology and social sciences. These sources were also used in the development of some of the individual biographical entries for the theorists described here.

A history of psychology in autobiography (v. 1-8). (1930-1989). Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. [BF105 .H5]

This serial, discontinued in 1989, was published under a variety of names: "The International university series in psychology" (vol. 1-4), "The Century psychology series" (vol. 5-6), and "A Series of books in psychology " (vol. 7-8).

Benjafield, J. G. (1996). A history of psychology. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon [BF81 .B3 1996]

Colman, A. M. (Ed.). (1994). Companion encyclopedia of psychology (vols. 1-2). New York: Routledge. [REF BF31.C66 1994 v.1-2]

Corsini, R. J. (1994). Encyclopedia of psychology (2nd ed., vols. 1-4). New York: Wiley. [REF BF31 .E52 1994 v.1-4]

Fancher, R. E. (1996). Pioneers of psychology (3rd ed.). New York: Norton.

Groden, M., & Kreiswirth, M. (Eds.). (1994). The Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory and criticism. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press. [REF PN81.J554 1994]

This handbook contains a number of biobibliographical essays on major figures such as Bakhtin, Foucault and others important to narrative.

Leahey, T. H. (1997). History of psychology: Main currents in psychological thoughts (4th ed.).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. [ BF81 .L4 1997]

Makaryk, I. R. (Ed.). (1993). Encyclopedia of contemporary literary theory: Approaches, scholars, terms (Series in Theory/Culture). Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. [PN81.E63 1993]

This single-volume encyclopedia includes a middle section of 277 pages (pp. 225-502) which presents biographical entries (with bibliographies) for more than 100 major "Scholars" who have contributed to contemporary literary theory and criticism. Many significant figures who have influenced narrative psychological theory and understanding are treated.

Sheehy, N., Chapman, A. J., & Conroy, W. A. (Eds.). (1997). Biographical dictionary of psychology. New York: Routledge Reference. [BF109.A1 B56 1997]

I cannot stress enough how helpful a volume this work of Sheey, Chapman, and Conroy will be to researchers interested in psychological figures of importance in the last hundred years. Essential.

Smith, R. (1997). The Norton history of the human sciences. New York: W. W. Norton.

This extensive text (> 1000 pages) reviews the entire history of those human sciences which include the present disciplines of sociology, anthropology, linguistics, economics, and psychology. Smith provides a helpful critical bibliographical essay (of more than 100 pages and arranged on a chapter-by-chapter basis) on the chief sources in English for understanding specific themes and issues. References are current through the early 1990s. This is an excellent starting place to gain an overview of the history within which narrative and the interpretative turn in psychology developed. References are also given to biographical sources.

Watson, R. I., Sr. (Ed.). (1974-1976). Eminent contributors to psychology (v. 1-2). New York: Springer.

Zusne, L. (1984). Biographical dictionary of psychology . Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. [REF BF109.A1 Z85 1984]

Zusne, L. (1987). Eponyms in psychology: A dictionary and biographical sourcebook . New York: Greenwood Press. [REF BF31 .Z87 1987]

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