Martha Grabowski


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My research is focused in three general areas:

  • the impact of technology in safety-critical systems
  • risk analysis and risk mitigation in large-scale systems, and
  • the role of human and organizational error in high-consequence settings.

My research utilizes information systems, data science, advanced analytics and visualizations to address changes in large-scale safety-critical systems.

In early work, my research group developed a series of embedded intelligent ship's piloting systems for government, shipping, and piloting organizations. Our research also focuses on evaluating the impact of technology on individuals, groups, and organizations in safety-critical settings We have also conducted several risk assessments in marine transportation and other mission-critical systems.

At present, our research focuses on

  • evaluating the impact of advanced reasoning and visualization techniques such as intelligent systems and wearable immersive augmented reality on operator performance, situation awareness, communication and mobility in safety-critical settings
  • exploring resource allocation and critical infrastructure challenges in resource-limited settings such as the Arctic,
  • examining the impact of unmanned and autonomous systems in safety-critical settings, and
  • developing Big Data and large-scale risk data analytics, and discovering and validating predictive safety indicators in distributed, large-scale systems.

The links on this page should give you an idea of my research and teaching, and provide links for more information.

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