Classic Chemistry

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Welcome. The principal purpose of this site is to post the texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry. This site also contains pointers to a few other chemistry-related sites. In early July 1996, "This Week in the History of Chemistry" debuted, including links to sites about the listed person or events. I intend to continue to add more classic papers. In addition, I will expand the texts of some papers which are currently listed as excerpts. So if you like what you see, drop in again and see what's new. I welcome comments and suggestions. Click here to send me e-mail at

The Internet can be a wonderful source of information as well as misinformation. Researchers should always critically evaluate their sources (print as well as electronic). I have endeavored to make this site as reliable as possible. In order to provide you, the users of this site, with a bit more confidence in me, its compiler, I have decided to post my credentials in the form of a Curriculum Vitae. I also list below some stamps of approval from on-line science sites.

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