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Arbitration and Mediation Cases
You are welcome to attend arbitration and/or mediation cases with Cliff, although this will not serve as an excuse to cut any of your other classes.  You may earn extra credit in IRL 402 by attending such a class and writing a brief (one page) assignment about that case.  You can look at the case schedule here but, if you want to attend one, you need to sign up on the sheet on Cliff's office door. If his cases don't suit your schedule you may check with Dr. Mark Karper about his case schedule.

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Class Power Point Slides
After we finish a topic, you will find the power point slides from those classes here.
I.A. Nature of Arbitration
II.A. Nature of the Grievance Procedure
II.B. Scope of the Grievance Procedure
III.A. Basic Legal Framework
III.B. Arbitrability
IV.A. The Hearing and the Award
IV.B. Evidence in Arbitration
V.A. Language of the Agreement
V.B. Relevance of Law
V.C. Awards as Precedents
V.D. Custom and Past Practice
VI.A. Management Rights
VI.B. Seniority
VI.C. Discipline and Discharge
VI.D. Employee Rights and Benefits
VII. Summary and Conclusions

Here you will find lists of terms for each major topic in the course.  These same lists will be handed out in class when we reach that topic.
Grievance Procedures
Legal Framework of Arbitration
Procedural Issues
Interpreting the Agreement
Substantive Issues

Below you will find links to a variety of organizations and sites relevant to arbitration and dispute resolution.
The American Arbitration Association is a private, non-profit group that promotes arbitration and alternative dispute resolution for labor and for a variety of other kinds of disputes.  It maintains panels f or arbitrators for various kinds of cases.
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service is an agency of the U.S. federal government.  It maintains a panel of labor arbitrators and provides lists to labor and management.
Findlaw provides a wide variety of links, many of them involving legal issues, to other sites related to arbitration and dispute resolution.