IRL 402 Definitions - Substantive Issues

Bailment Relationship- one in which goods (or persons) are turned over to another for safekeeping

Bumping- when a senior employee exercises the right to displace a junior employee from a job

Discharge- the termination of an employee, normally for "cause"

Double Jeopardy- requiring the accused to defend her/himself against the same charges twice

Due Process- the requirement that the accused in a discipline or discharge case be afforded a fair opportunity to defend her/himself

Fraternization- dating or other similar social relationships among employees

Just Cause- the standard which is normally required to justify the discipline or discharge of an employee

Layoff- the removal of an employee from the payroll due to insufficient work for that employee to perform, i.e. as part of a reduction in the size of the work force

Leaves of Absence- Periods of excused non-attendance at work which may be either paid or unpaid

Moonlighting- holding a second job

Probationary Employee- one who is not yet considered a "regular employee" but who is in the midst of a "trial period". Normally probationary employees can be terminated without cause

Progressive Discipline- the requirement that punishment proceed in steps of increasing severity for certain kinds of rule infractions

Reinstatement- returning an employee to work as a remedy for improper discharge. Reinstatement may be with or without back pay

Residual Rights- the idea that management retains all authority not explicitly given to the union in the collective bargaining agreement

Seniority - the length of service of an employee in her/his job or department or with the same employer

Subcontract- when a company pays another organization to perform work which it might have done itself, or perhaps has done itself in the past

Suspension- the temporary removal of an employee from the payroll as a punishment for some violation of rules

Vacancies- unfilled job openings