This is the home page for HRM 702, Conflict Resolution, an MBA course at Le Moyne College. 

The course syllabus and reading list can be found here.  This also includes the class schedule for the semester.

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Information about exams as well as sample exam questions can be found here.

Cliff Donn occasionally schedules mediation, fact finding, or arbitration cases which students are welcome to attend. The list of cases can be accessed here but you need to sign up on my door if you actually would like to attend a case.

This section contains links to various web sites relevant to conflict resolution.  Students may find useful information here to elaborate on concepts discussed in class or for research on their class presentations. They may also find resources here that will be useful in their jobs.
The American Arbitration Association  is an organization dedicated to dispute resolution and particularly to alternative dispute resolution.  Traditionally it has focused on labor and commercial issues.
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service is an agency of the federal government with branch offices throughout the United States including in Syracuse.  It focuses on the peaceful resolution of disputes between unions and managements.
The U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management maintains an Alternative Dispute Resolution Resource Guide which contains a large number of links to a variety of sources.
Cornell University maintains a series of legal web sites including this one which focuses on statutes and legal decisions relating to Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Law .  You will find the laws themselves and synopses of recent legal decisions from circuit courts of appeals as well as the Supreme Court.
Findlaw service for legal professionals maintains numerous sites including one related to Dispute Resolution Law which contains a variety of legal resources.