This page contains dates and information for exams in HRM 702 including sample questions.

The mid-term exam in this class is optional. It will be held during the first part of class on the evening of Monday, February 25.
The final exam will be given, as scheduled by the registrar, on Wednesday, May 8, at 6:00 p.m.


The questions below are sample exam questions. These questions are taken from the actual final exam the last time this course was offered by this instructor. The students were given fifteen lines to answer each question. The mid-term exam had five questions just like this of which students had to do four. The final exam had ten questions like this of which students had to answer eight (again with a fifteen-line limit) plus one longer, more general essay question.

1) Fisher and Ury (GETTING TO YES) suggest that there are four principles to which should be used in negotiations. Explain any three of them and provide examples to illustrate what they mean.

2) Explain the dispute resolution technique called the "statutory strike." How does it work and what advantages would it have over other dispute resolution techniques?

3) Kim and Mauborgne ("Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy") identify "three principles" which constitute the "bedrock elements" of fair process. Identify and explain any two of those principles.