This is the home page for EDL 502, Leadership for Human Resource Development in the Schools, at Le Moyne College. This course was offered for the first time during the Spring 2006 semester. This page is current for the Fall 2008 semester


Professor Clifford B. Donn (Cliff, please) RH 416, 315-445-4484 FAX 315-445-4540


SYLLABUS AND CLASS SCHEDULE: Here you will find the course outline, syllabus, class schedule and reading list.
ASSIGNMENTS: Class assignments and any changes in those will be posted here. You will be able to find a copy of the arbitration case material for discussion in class through a link here at the appropriate time.
COURSE LIBRARY RESERVE LIST: This is the list of materials that the library has been asked to place on reserve for the semester. Most of them are available electronically.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Look here for changes in assignments, the class schedule, etc.
OFFICE HOURS: Class schedule and office hours for instructor Cliff Donn
CITATIONS: This link will take you to a detailed discussion of citations in papers. It includes such information as what and when to cite, how to cite internet sources, and how to avoid plagiarism.


Just before each class is held, the power point slides used for that class will be placed here. You may print them out as an aid in note-taking if you like.
1. Introduction/Definitions/Course Requirements
2. Planning and Human Resource Information
3. Recruitment and Selection
4. Induction and Development
5. Affirmative Action/EEO Debate
6. Performance Appraisal
7. Compensation
8. Merit Pay Debate
9. Employment Continuity/Tenure/Discipline
10. Tenure Debate
11. Unionism and Collective Bargaining
12. Strike Debate
13. Conclusions/Review


The links in this section may be useful to you in finding information about Education laws, policies and unions.
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is a union primarily of teachers (but organizing other school personnel as well. It has long been an advocate of collective bargaining for teachers. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) is the New York State branch of the AFT and the union to which most teachers belong in the Central New York region.
The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest organization of teachers (administrators can join too) in the United States. It initially opposed collective bargaining for teachers but now actively engages in bargaining in districts where it represents teachers or other school employees.
The New York State Education Department is the place to look for a variety of laws and regulations governing human resource issues in public schools.
The United States Department of Education is the place to look for information on a variety of policies and issues that affect public schools as well as private and religious schools.