ANNOUNCEMENTS: At this site you will find announcements including any additional assignments, changes in the reading list, changes in the class schedule, etc. Please check this site regularly, especially if you have missed a class.

1. Fall 2008 the class will be held on Monday evenings, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm in room 123 in St. Mary's Hall. The first class of the semester will be August 25.

2. The textbook for this class for Fall 2008 is Young, The Human Resource Function in Educational Administration, 9th edition.
3. The class cancellation phone number for Le Moyne College is 315-445-4780. You can call that number and find out whether any particular classes have been cancelled or presumably, if they have all been cancelled due to inclement weather.
4. To access reading material on electronic reserve, go to the library's web page at ( Click on the link for reserve readings. Put in my name (Donn). Click on my name when it comes up and click on the course. The readings should now come up. Click on the reading you want. You will now be prompted to put in your name and a bar code number (the bar code number on your Le Moyne ID is the one you want). You should now be able to access the reading in either html or pdf format.
5. The final examination information can be found in the "assignments" link on the home page. This varies somewhat from what we discussed in class for several reasons but examine it closely because it is not exactly the same.