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 Experiential Learning Activities for Operations Management

This page describes the experiential learning activities and games Ron Wright and Salwa Ammar use while teaching production and operations management at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. 

Some of the activities were created by Salwa and Ron. The others are the creations of professors at several universities. Print and electronic references are provided when available. Please send any questions or comments to Ron at or Salwa at

Salwa and Ron have integrated these activities into their introductory MBA level Production and Operations Management course. This course won an honorable mention in the Decision Sciences Institute 1997 Instructional Innovation Award Competition. Their complete competition submission is also available.

Lego My Simplex Introducing linear programming concepts 
Balancing Planes Assembly line balancing
Cups Game Comparing push versus pull production
The Distribution Game Computer simulation of two tier inventory system 
The Beer Game Supply chain management 
Deming's Experiment Variation and quality control 
Goldratt's Game Reducing variation in a production line 
The In-Class Manufacturing Game Computer simulation of production planning 

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