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PSY 355-01 Psychology & Media in the Digital Age

Schedule & Assignments
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I. Introduction & Orientation: Basic Overview of Media Online & IRL
Wed, Jan 19
Class 01
General Introduction & Themes about the Self (pdf)
Mon, Jan 24
Class 02
Defining What "Media" Means: General & Contemporary Meanings (pdf)
Meyerowitz on "Multiple Media Literacies" (1998) [LMC]
Wed, Jan 26
Class 03
(a) Some Media Terms & Concepts (full notes: pdf) [outline]
Behavioral Addictions & Media I  (Notes on Irresistible Prologue & Chs.1 2 & 3)  

•••• Digital Media User Survey due today ••••

Alter (2017) Irresistible: Prologue & Chs. 1, 2, & 3 (pp. 1-90)
Mon, Jan 31
Class 04

How did we get here? What are we doing? Media Innovations & Usage, 1800-2018 (pdf version • 8 pp.)  

PEW Internet/Broadband Fact Sheet (April 17, 2021)

PEW Social Media Fact Sheet (April 17, 2021)

 •••• Group Presentation Choices due today •••

• Rosen et al (2013) The MTUAS Scale [LMC]

Pew Internet, Science & Technology website (examine the site particularly looking over the Social Networking and Social Media areas)

Wed, Feb 02
Class 05
Human Psychology & Culture from the Media Ecology Perspective I

Discussion of your own history with media

Strate (2004) [Selections] • Try at least to read the text that has been highlighted in yellow.
Mon, Feb 07
Class 06
Human Psychology & Culture from the Media Ecology Perspective II

   • Print & Techno-Digital Culture

II. History and Themes: Media from the Ecological & (Neuro-)Psychological Perspective
Wed, Feb 09
Class 07
Class Cancelled (Instructor Illness)

Mon, Feb 14
Class 08
Evaluating Claims: Science & Moral Panics (see reading on right)

Last part of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning
Moral Panics {Wikipedia}
Moral Panic: Who Benefits from Public Fear {Psychology Today, 20150720}
Lewandowski & Cook (2020) The Conspiracy Theory Handbook
Wed, Feb 16
Class 09
What Do We Do with Media Online and IRL (In Real Life): Notes

Last part of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning
MTUAS Results 2021 (pdf)
Mon, Feb 21
Class 10
Studying Psychology and Social Science (Research Methods) [Outline]
Giles (2003, pp. 14-27) [sent by email]
Wed, Feb 23
Class 11
The Extended Self & the Cognitive Psychology of Human Multitasking (Outline)

•••• Digital Media User Reflection due today••••
Clark & Chalmers (1998) [LMC via jstor]

Wang et al (2015) Summary
Mon, Feb 28
Class 12
Behavioral Addictions and Media II & Discussion of Irresistible, Chs. 4-9

Group Presentation Planning in Part 2 of class

•••• Take Home Test distributed ••••
Alter (2017) Irresistible: Chaps. 4-6, 7-9

III. Topics in Media Ecology and Psychology

Wed, Mar 02
Class 13
Neuropsychology of Contemporary Media I • Light (Outline)

Hamilton & Grabowski (2013)
on Cognitive Distraction [at this link]

Shocat (2012) [pdf link at bottom of abstract]

Mon, Mar 07
Class 14
Neuropsychology of Contemporary Media II
Automobile as a Digital Device

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning

Wed, Mar 09
Class 15
The Notion of "The Spectacle"Living in the World of the Spectacle: Notes [Outline]

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning

•••• Completed Take Home Test due today ••••
The Society of the Spectacle {Wikipedia}
Kellner (2003) Media Culture and the Triumph of the Spectacle (pdf, 18 pp)

March 14-18 Spring Break

Mon, Mar 21
Class 16

Group 1 Celebrities, Fandoms, and Audiences: How We Relate to Media Personalities (postponed)

Wed, Mar 23
Class 17

Group 2 Disinhibition Online: Cyberbullying, Trolling, and Self-Revelation

Mon, Mar 28

Group 3 Privacy & Surveillance: Is Technology Intruding in Our Lives Too Much?

Wed, Mar 30
Class 18
Group 4 Ethnicity and Difference: How Media Shape Our Perceptions of One Another in a Diverse and Multiracial Society

Mon, Apr 04
The Psychology of DISNEY I • Disney as a media corporation
Disney.Com: The Home of All Things Disney [look around]
Disney Animated Films {Wikipedia}

Wed, Apr 06
Class 20
The Psychology of DISNEY II  • Creating a national mythology? Princesses & Talking Animals

Quiz at  beginning of class  on materials from
  • Feb 23: Extended Self & Multitasking
  • Mar 02 & 07: Neuropsychology of Media I & II
  • Mar 09: The Notion of the Spectacle
  • April 04: Disney & Media: Whatever we cover on April 04
Judd (2015, July 8; Updated 2017, June 14). A conversation with the psychologist behind 'Inside Out'

Ornstein (2006, Dec 24). What's wrong with Cinderella? New York Times Magazine. [LMC]

Mon, Apr 11
Class 21
Group 1 Celebrities, Fandoms, and Audiences: How We Relate to Media Personalities TBA

Wed, Apr 13
Class 22
The Vilages

Apr 15-18 Easter Break

Wed, Apr 20
Class 23
Group 5 Violence in the Media: Traditional vs. Online Media

Mon, Apr 25
Class 24
"Mental Health (Dolphy) Day"

Wed, Apr 27
Class 25
Group 7 Fake News? Propaganda, Politics,and Media Manipulation

Mon, May 02
Class 26
Group 6 Consumer Behavior: How Online Media Influence Buyers and Help Sell Products
Wed, May 04
Class 26
Sexuality Online

Notes on Sexuality Online (pdf format)

Delavi et al (2013) on "sexting" [LMC]
Drouin et al (2013) on "sexting" [LMC]
Mon, May 09
Class 27
Last Class: Discussion of Digital Media Abstinence Project

•••• 24-Hour Digital Media Abstinence Project report due today ••••

•••• Reflection Paper on Group Presentation due by 5 pm, Thursday, May 12 ••••