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PSY 355-01 Psychology and Media in the Digital Age

Spring 2022

Mon & Wed 2:30-3:45 pm • Grewen Hall 207
Vincent W. Hevern, SJ, Ph.D., Instructor  (Homepage Icon )

This page was last updated on March 31, 2022

Announcements Updated  3/31/22

One extra credit opportunity. If you participate the following research experiment, I will award 5 points to be added onto the 500-points in total that this course evaluates. The deadline for participation is April 21.

My name is Kat Margiotta and I'm a senior psychology major. This semester, I will be conducting a research project under Dr. Wood's supervision titled "Approaches to Educating Individuals About Trauma-Informed Care" for my departmental honors thesis. Students interested in participating can contact me at for more information or to schedule a session. Participants will receive $12.50 or extra credit as compensation, depending on professor policies. Here is the flyer for this research project.



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  • The textbook for this course is  Alter, A(dam) L. (2017). Irresistible: The rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked. New York: Penguin Press. [hardcover: ISBN-13: 978-1594206641; paperback ISBN-13: 978-0735222847; Kindle version: Amazon ASIN B01HNJIK70). A copy of this text is on reserve in the Noreen R. Falcone Library.

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