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Schedule & Assignments
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I. Introduction & Orientation: Basic Overview of Media Online & IRL
Wed, Jan 18
Class 01
General Introduction & Themes about the Self (pdf)
Mon, Jan 23
Class 02
Defining What "Media" Means: General & Contemporary Meanings (pdf)
Meyrowitz on "Multiple Media Literacies" (1998) [LMC]
Wed, Jan 25
Class 03
(a) Some Media Terms & Concepts (detailed notes: pdf) [outline]
Behavioral Addictions & Media I  (Notes on Irresistible Prologue & Chs.1 2 & 3)  

Alter (2017) Irresistible: Prologue & Chs. 1, 2, & 3 (pp. 1-90)
Mon, Jan 30
Class 04

Trends in Media Use: Historical, National, International: 1800-2022 (pdf version, 8 pp.)

Discussion of Social and Other Media Use by class

 •••• Group Presentation Choices due today •••


PEW Internet/Broadband Fact Sheet (April 7, 2021)
PEW Social Media Fact Sheet  (April 7, 2021)
Wed, Feb 01
Class 05
Human Psychology & Culture from the Media Ecology Perspective I
Strate (2004) [Selections] • Try at least to read the text that has been highlighted in yellow.
Mon, Feb 06
Class 06
Human Psychology & Culture from the Media Ecology Perspective II

   • Print & Techno-Digital Culture

II. History and Themes: Media from the Ecological & (Neuro-)Psychological Perspective
Wed, Feb 08
Class 07
Evaluating Claims: Science & Moral Panics (see reading on right)

Last part of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning
Moral Panics {Wikipedia}
Moral Panic: Who Benefits from Public Fear {Psychology Today, 20150720}
Lewandowski & Cook (2020) The Conspiracy Theory Handbook
Mon, Feb 13
Class 08
(cancelled, Instructor illness)
Wed, Feb 15
Class 09
(cancelled, Instructor illness)

Mon, Feb 20
Class 10
Studying Psychology and Social Science (Research Methods) [Outline]

Last part of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning
Giles (2003, pp. 14-27) [sent by email]
Wed, Feb 22
Class 11
Behavioral Addictions and Media II & Discussion of Irresistible, Chs. 4-9

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning

•••• Take Home Test distributed ••••
Alter (2017) Irresistible: Chaps. 4-6, 7-9
Mon, Feb 27
Class 12
Discussion of the Media Then and Now Project

•••• The Media Then and Now: Report and Reflection due today••••

Review these notes before class: What Do We Do with Media Online and IRL (In Real Life)

III. Topics in Media Ecology and Psychology

Wed, Mar 01
Class 13
Neuropsychology of Contemporary Media I • Light (Outline)

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning
Shocat (2012) [pdf link at bottom of abstract]

Mon, Mar 06
Class 14
Neuropsychology of Contemporary Media II  • The Automobile as a Digital Device   (Outline)

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning

Hamilton & Grabowski (2013) on Cognitive Distraction [at this link]
Wed, Mar 08
Class 15
The Extended Self & the Cognitive Psychology of Human Multitasking (Outline)

Part 2 of class dedicated to Group Presentation Planning

•••• Completed Take Home Test due by 1 pm Friday, March 10 [change] ••••
Clark & Chalmers (1998) [LMC via jstor]

Wang et al (2015) Summary

March 13-17 Spring Break

Mon, Mar 20
Class 16

Group 1 Celebrities, Fandoms, and Audiences: How We Relate to Media Personalities

Wed, Mar 22
Class 17

Group 2 Disinhibition Online: Cyberbullying, Trolling, and Self-Revelation

Mon, Mar 27

Group 3 Privacy & Surveillance: Is Technology Intruding in Our Lives Too Much?

Wed, Mar 29
Class 18
Mon, Apr 03
Presentation by Michael Sgro (LMC '97) • Founder & Director of Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching
  • A former Psychology major at Le Moyne, Michael has had extensive experience with both digital media and higher education. In an interactive exchange, he will offer the class perspectives on the use of digital media for career advancement and strategies for entering into the adult work community.

Wed, Apr 05
Class 20
Group 4 Ethnicity and Difference: How Media Shape Our Perceptions of One Another in a Diverse and Multiracial Society

Apr 07-10 Easter Break

Wed, Apr 12
Class 21
The Psychology of DISNEY I • Disney as a media corporation
Disney.Com: The Home of All Things Disney [look around]
Disney Animated Films {Wikipedia}

Mon, Apr 17
Class 22
The Psychology of DISNEY II  • Creating a national mythology? Princesses & Talking Animals
Judd (2015, July 8; Updated 2017, June 14). A conversation with the psychologist behind 'Inside Out'

Ornstein (2006, Dec 24). What's wrong with Cinderella? New York Times Magazine. [LMC]

Wed, Apr 19
Class 23
Group 5 Violence in the Media: Traditional vs. Online Media

Mon, Apr 24
Class 24
Group 6 Consumer Behavior: How Online Media Influence Buyers and Help Sell Products
Wed, Apr 26
Class 25
Sexuality Online
Mon, May 01
Class 26
Sexuality Online (cont'd)
Wed, May 03
Class 26
Fake News? Propaganda, Politics,and Media Manipulation

Mon, May 08
Class 27
Last Class: Notes & discussion of the experience of 12-hours of digital abstinence & of other topics in the course.

•••• 12-Hour Digital Media Abstinence Project report due today ••••

•••• Reflection Paper on Group Presentation due by 5 pm, Friday, May 12 ••••