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PSY 355-01 Psychology & Media in the Digital Age

Calendar of Due Dates

This page was last modified on February 24, 2023

Here are the dates/deadlines for the various projects, reports, etc. for the course.

by Mon, Jan 23
Distribute via email: The Media Then and Now Instructions; Group Presentation Choice Form
Wed, Jan 25
Student Information Form Returned
Mon, Jan 30
Distribute: Informed Consent Form
Group Presentation Choice Form submitted
Wed, Feb  01
Informed Consent Form submitted
Mon, Feb 06
Group Presentation Assignments Distributed
Wed, Feb 22
Take Home Test Distributed
Mon, Feb 27 The Media Then and Now: Report and Reflection due
Fri, Mar 10
Take Home Test Completed & submitted by 1 pm
Mon, Mar 20
Group 1: Celebrities, Fandoms, & Audiences
Wed, Mar 22
Group 2: Disinhibition Online: Cyberbullying, Trolling, Self-Revelation
Mon, Mar 27
Group 3: Privacy & Surveillance
Wed, Apr 05
Group 4: Ethnicity and Difference Online [changed date]
Wed, Apr 19
Group 5: Violence in the Media
Mon, Apr 24
Group 6: Consumer Behavior: How Online Media Influence Buyers & Help Sell Products
Wed, Apr 26
Group 7: Fake News? Propaganda, Politics and Media Manipulation
Wed, May 04
12-Hour Digital Media Abstinence Report and Reflection submitted
Fri, May 12
Reflection Paper on Group Presentation submitted by 5 pm