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May 02, 2021

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PSY 340/BSC 340 Brain and Behavior
Lecture Notes (Spring 2021)

Below you will find two different kinds of materials

  • NOTES (or POWERPOINT HANDOUTS) are the complete set of materials that I use for each individual class lecture. You should seriously consider downloading these and printing them out.
  • [OUTLINES] or [POWERPOINTS] are the visual (and sometimes sound) materials for a class that I will use on my computer screen and which I will talk about in each lecture. If we were holding class face-to-face, the OUTLINES or POWERPOINTS would be the material I'd be projecting on a screen in the front of the classroom. There is no need for your to download these.

Module 1: The Major Issues in Biopsychology: General Introduction
Mon Feb 08
Class 01: General Introduction to Course NOTES  [OUTLINE] for First Day of Class
Wed Feb 10
Class 02: The Biological Approach to Behavior NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Fri Feb 12
Class 03: The Genetics of Behavior * NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 2: Nerve Cells and Impulses
Mon Feb 15
Class 04: Cells of the Central Nervous System [ppt] [pdf version of PowerPoint 11 pgs.]
Wed Feb 17
Class 05: Neural Impulse (a) [ppt] [pdf version of PowerPoint 7 pgs.]
Fri Feb 19
Class 06: Neural Impulse (b) NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 3: Synapses
Mon Feb 22 Class 07: The Concept of the Synapse NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed Feb 24 Class 08: Chemistry of Synaptic Communication, Neurotramitters, Hormones NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Fri Feb 26 Class 09: Synapses, Drugs, & Addiction (Substance Abuse) NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 4: Anatomy of the Nervous System
Mon  Mar 01
Class 10: Structure of the Vertebrate Nervous System  NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed  Mar 03
Class 11: The Cerebral Cortex (a) NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Fri  Mar 05 Class 11a: The Cerebral Cortex (b) [no new Notes; finish up Class 11]
Mon  Mar 08 Test #1 on Modules 1-4 via Canvas (Class 12)

Module 5: Research Methods & Networks of the Brain
Wed Mar 10
Class 13: Research Methods in Neuropsychology NOTES [Outline]
Fri Mar 12
Class 14: Networks of the Brain NOTES [Outline]

Module 6: Development and Plasticity of the Brain
Mon Mar 15 Class 15: Development of the Brain NOTES [Outline]
Wed Mar 17 Class 16: Plasticity of the Brain NOTES [Outline]

Module 7: Vision
Fri Mar 19 Class 17: Visual Coding NOTES [Outline]
Mon Mar 22 Class 18: How the Brain Processes Visual Information
Wed Mar 24
Class 19: Vision Infants & Early Experience NOTES  [Outline]
Fri Mar 26
Class 20: Finish Module (in needed) & Review for Test #2
Mon  Mar 29 Test #2 on Modules 5-7 via Canvas (Class 21)

Module 8: Wakefulness & Sleep
Wed Mar 30
Class 22: Rhythms of Waking and Sleeping NOTES  [Outline]
Fri Apr 02
No Class Good Friday
Mon Apr 05
Class 23: Stages of Sleep & Brain Mechanisms; Sleep Disorders NOTES  [Outline]
Wed Apr 07
Class 24: Why Sleep? Why REM? Why Dreams?  NOTES  [Outline]

Module 9: Reproductive Behaviors
Fri Apr 09 Class 25: Sex and Hormones  NOTES  [Outline]
Mon Apr 12 Class 26: Variation in Sexual Behavior  NOTES  [Outline]

Module 10: Emotional Behaviors 
Wed Apr 14 Class 27: What is Emotion?  NOTES  [Outline]
Fri Apr 16 Class 28: Attack & Escape Behaviors  NOTES  [Outline]
Mon Apr 19
Class 29: Stress & Health  NOTES  [Outline]
Wed Apr 21
Class 30: Complete Module & Review for Test #3
Fri Apr 23 Class 31: Test #3 on Modules 8-10

Module 11: Learning & Memory
Mon Apr 26 Class 32: Learning Memory and Memory Loss NOTES  [Outline]
Wed Apr 28 Class 33: The Hippocampus and Striatum NOTES  [Outline]

Module 12: Cognitive Functions
Fri Apr 30 Class 34: Lateralization of Function NOTES  [Outline]
Mon May 03 Class 35: Evolution & Physiology of Language NOTES  [Outline]

Module 13: Psychological Disorders
Wed May 04 Class 36: Diagnosing Psychological Disorders NOTES  [Outline]
Fri May 06
Class 37: Encouraging Mental Health 


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