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                      Images]PSY 101 Introductory Psychology

Instructor: Vincent W. Hevern, SJ, Ph.D.

  • Section 03 MWF  11:00-11:50 am
  • Section 04 MWF  12:00-12:50 pm

2021 Fall


Schedule of Modules, Classes, & Assignments

All page assignments are given for the Weiten (10h edition/2017) textbook.

Date Modules: Topics & Assignments  

Module 1: Introduction to Psychology

1 Mo Aug 23
Introduction to PSY 101 First day of class 
  We Aug 25
Psychology in General (The Evolution of Psychology)

Ch. 1. pp. 1-29

Module 2: How Do We Normally Develop Over Our Lifetime?

  Fr Aug 27
Human Development I: Progress Before Birth: Prenatal Development; Motor, Social, and Language Development in Childhood Ch. 10, pp. 339-349
2 Mo Aug 30
Human Development II: Personality & Cognitive Development in Childhood Ch. 10, pp. 349-358

We Sep 01
Mass of the Holy Spirit: No Class

Fr Sep 03
Human Development III: The Transition of Adolescence; The Expanse of Adulthood. Reflecting on the Chapter's Themes
Ch. 10, pp. 358-370; 376-377
Mo Sep 06
Labor Day: No Class

We Sep 08
Human Development IV: Complete chapter

Module 3: Human Memory

Fr Sep 10
Human Memory I: Encoding: Getting Information Into Memory; Storage: Maintaining Information in Memory; Retrieval: Getting Information Out of Memory Ch. 7, pp. 223-237
Sep 13
Human Memory II: Forgetting; In  Search of the Memory Trace; Different Types of Memory Systems. Reflecting on the Chapter's Themes. Personal Application: Improving Everyday Memory. Critical Thinking Application: Understanding the Fallibility of Eyewitness Testimony Ch. 7, 238-259

We Sep 15 Human Memory III (continued)

Fr Sep 17
Test #1 on Modules 1-2-3

Module 4: How Do We Learn to Cope with the World?

5 Mo Sep 20
Learning I: Classical Conditioning; Recognizing Contrast Effects: Manipulating Emotions: Pavlov & Persuasion Ch. 6, pp. 183-192; 218-219

We Sep 22
Learning II: Operant Conditioning & Changing Directions in the Study of Conditioning Ch. 6, 192-209

Fr Sep 24
Learning III: Observational Learning; Reflecting on Chapter's Themes

Ch. 6, 209-214, 220-221

Module 5: What Are the Biological Bases for Our Behaviors?

6 Mo Sep 27
Biological Bases of Behavior I: Communication in the Nervous System Ch. 3, pp. 65-74

We Sep 29
Biological Bases of Behavior II:  Organization of the NS; Brain & Behavior; Right Brain/Left Brain: Cerebral Specialization; The Endocrine System: Another Way to Communicate Ch. 3, pp. 74-90; 99-101

Fr Oct 01
Biological Bases of Behavior III: Heredity & Behavior: Is it all in the genes?; Evolutionary Bases of Behavior

Ch. 3, pp. 91-99, 104-105

Module 6: How Does Psychology Know What It Knows?
The Methods of Research

7 Mo Oct 04
Research in Psychology I: Looking for Laws: The Scientific Approach to Behavior; Looking for Causes: Experimental Research Ch. 2, pp. 31-41

We Oct 06

Research in Psychology II: Looking for Links: Correlational Research, Evaluating Research, Ethics
Ch. 2, pp. 42-57; 60-61; 62-63

Fr Oct 08 TBA
8 Mo Oct 11 Fall Break: No Class

Oct 13
Test #2 on Modules 4-5-6

Date Topic & Assignment  

Module 7: Our Feelings, Desires, Drives, & Goals: Motivation & Emotion

  Fr Oct 15
Motivation & Emotion I: Motivational Theories & Concepts; The Motivation of Hunger and Eating
For your information faculty will turn in Mid-Term Grades by noon today
Ch. 9, pp. 303-312
9 Mo Oct 18
Motivation & Emotion II: Sex Motivation & Behavior; The Achievement Motivation
Ch. 9, pp. 312-320

We Oct 20
Motivation & Emotion III: The Elements of Emotional Experience; Theories of Emotion Ch. 9, pp. 320-330; 336-337

Fr Oct 22
Motivation & Emotion V: Theories of Emotion (cont'd); Personal Application: Exploring the Ingredients of Happiness; Reflecting on Chapter's Themes

Ch. 9, pp. 331-333

Module 8: Why Are We The Way We Are? Personality & Intelligence

10 Mo Oct 25
Personality I: The Nature of Personality; Psychodynamic Perspectives (Freud, etc. Ch. 11, pp. 379-391

We Oct 27
Personality II: Behavioral Perspectives; Humanistic Approaches; Biological Perspectives Ch. 11, pp. 402-413; 416-417

Oct 29
Personality III: Contemporary Empirical Approaches: Narcissism; Culture & Personality; Personality Assessment [Note: Overview of Theories on pp. 404-405)

Ch. 11, pp. 402-406; 408-413; 416-417
Mo Nov 01
Intelligence I: Measuring Intelligence; Heredity & Environment as Determinants of Intelligence
Ch. 8, pp. 278-291

We Nov 03 Intelligence II: Complete

Fr Nov 05
Test #3 on Modules 7 & 8

Module 9: How Do We Behave Around Other People? Social Psychology

12 Mo Nov 08
Social Behavior I: Person Perception (Forming Impressions of Others); Attribution Processes (Explaining Behavior) Ch. 12, pp. 419-426

We Nov 10
Social Behavior II: Interpersonal Attraction (Liking & Loving): Attitudes (Making Social Judgments) Ch. 12, pp. 427-439

Nov 12
Social Behavior III: Conformity & Obedience (Yielding to Others); Behavior in Groups (Joining with Others) Ch. 12, pp. 439-448
13 Mo Nov 15
Social Behavior IV Understanding Prejudice; The Just World Phenomenon

Ch. 12, pp. 449-451; 454-455

Module 10: Awake, Asleep, Hypnotized, Dreaming:
The Different Levels of Consciousness

We Nov 17 Variations in Consciousness I: Consciousness; Biological Rhythms & Sleep; Sleeping Ch. 5, pp. 147-161

Fr Nov 19
Variations in Consciousness II: The World of Dreams; Hypnosis.

Ch. 5, pp. 162-167; 180-181

Module 11: A (Very) Short Look at Clinical Psychology

14 Mo Nov 22
Psychological Disorders I: Abnormal Behavior: General Concepts; Anxiety Disorders Ch. 14, pp. 491-500

We Nov 24
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 24 (We) to Nov 28 (Sun)

Fr Nov 26
15 Mo
Nov 29
Psychological Disorders II: Depressive/Bipolar Disorders & Schizophrenic (SCZ) Disorders
[Note: Summary chart on pp. 516-517 for Anxiety, Mood-related, and SCZ Disorders]
Ch. 14, pp. 503-514

Dec 01
Psychological Disorders III: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders
Ch. 14, pp. 514-524

Dec 03
Treatment of Psychological D/O I: Elements of the Treatment Process; Insight Therapies; Behavior Therapies Ch. 15, pp. 533-547
16 Mo Nov 23 Treatment of Psychological D/O II:  Biomedical Therapies; Current Trends & Issues in Treatment. (Note: Chart Illustrating 5 Major Approaches to Treatment on pp. 554-555)
Ch. 15, pp. 548-557

Test #4 on Modules 9-10-11

The last 50-minute test covers only the three modules listed above and is given during "Finals Week" because faculty are not supposed to give any test during the last two weeks of class. This is not a "final" test. There is NO cumulative or summary test in this class
  • PSY 101-03 (11 am class) takes Test #4 on Thurs, Dec 9, 3:00-4:30 pm
  • PSY 101-04 (12 noon class) takes Test #4 on Friday, Dec. 10, 9:00-10:30 am