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[Psychology Images] Class 05: Development 3: Adolescence & Adulthood


1. Physical Changes of Adolescence

   Puberty: the maturation of sexual functions
  Primary Sexual Characteristics = the structures necessary for reproduction
Grey vs. white matter

Neural Development

3. Identity Development in Late Adolescence

Identity Achievement Know what they want to do and have or are taking steps to do it

Identity Foreclosure

Know what they want to do and have for a long time because they are going to do what others like their parents have told them what to do


Don't know right now exactly what they will be doing, but are continuing their education or otherwise doing something temporarily until they can commit themselves to further training and/or action


Don't know what they want or will be doing in the future, don't care that they don't know, and are doing nothing to remedy the absence of any future direction

The concept of the "Adult Transition" or "Emerging Adulthood" as a distinct period in Western culture has begun to get more and more attention in the last decade (see Arnett, 2014; Arnett et al. 2014).

Median age of 1st marriage     Young adults living with parents
Characteristics of this period include

[Development Timetable - Adults]


1. Personality Development

2. Life Transitions in Adulthood
Family of

3. Aging

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