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General Acknowledgments

While the resources at this site -- Narrative Psychology: Internet and Resource Guide -- reflect many of my own efforts, the collaboration of others has added to the quality of what may be found here. To varying degrees I have received individual or direct assistance, suggestions, and guidance from others who are interested in narrative from varying disciplinary perspectives. Hence, I would like to mention these individuals by name.

I should point out, however, that I am responsible for the inclusion of all materials at this website and the mention of individuals by name does not suggest that these individuals either endorse or agree with any statements, evaluations, or materials included at this site (let alone be responsible for any errors which may be found here--the responsibility for which is completely mine).

I should also mention that funding for the initial resources gathered together at this site was partially supported by 1995 and 1997 Summer Development Stipends from the Le Moyne College Senate Research and Development Committee.

I have also found that the contributions of discussants to a number of lists, particularly QUALRS-L (Qualitative Research for the Human Sciences), Narrative-L (A Discussion of Narrative in Everyday Life), and TIPS (Teaching in Psychological Science), have provided me and other readers with bibliographical and internet site suggestions.


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