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 Conferences and Workshops

This website will post announcements of conferences and workshops which deal with the narrative perspective within psychology and allied disciplines as well as related issues from a qualitative research stance. The list below does not claim to be comprehensive.

Narrative Psychology Internet & Resource Guide receives approximately 140-150 visitors daily. Conference organizers might wish to consider contacting this site to include notice of upcoming conference events. Please send announcement information to Vincent W. Hevern, SJ , who edits this website.

Disclaimer : Conference and workshop announcements are provided as submitted; in particular, no liability for the accuracy of dates or other contents is assumed by the editor of this webpage. Please send inquiries about conferences only to the respective contact organizations or persons and not to Vincent W. Hevern.

General Resource Lists for Conference Announcements

Ongoing Programs

These organizations conduct or sponsor ongoing educational programs and conferences/meetings. Details can be found at their websites.

Individual Conferences/Workshops/Events

I will post notices about conferences related to narrative in psychology, social science, and related fields if contacted by conference organizers. However, I will not otherwise be updating this list except when contacted or when apprised of a significant event.



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