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Michael Bamberg (Clark) *
Susan L. Engel (Williams)
Mark Freeman (Holy Cross) *
Vincent Hevern (Le Moyne)
Suzanne Kirshner (Holy Cross)
Bob Kunzendorf (U Mass, Lowell)
Cynthia Lightfoot (Penn State, Delaware)
Allyssa McCabe (U Mass, Lowell)
Elizabeth McKim (St. Thomas, Canada)
Jeanne Marecek (Swarthmore)
Ageliki Nicolopoulou (Lehigh)
David Pillemer (UNH)
Jefferson Singer (Connecticut College)
Mark Tappan (Colby)
Marsha Walton (Rhodes)
Cynthia Winston (Howard)
* Conveners of the Narrative Consortium

[Box] Associates
Jens Brockmeier (New School)
Nancy Budwig
(Clark U)
Rachel Falmagne
(Clark U)
Erika Fischer
(Holy Cross)
Kay Johnson
(Holy Cross)
Nona Lyons
Judy Mintz
(Holy Cross)
Jeff Weintraub

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2004 Apr 18
[Bruner]The Founding Conference of the Narrative Consortium took place April 16-18, 2004 at the College of the Holy Cross and Clark University, both in Worcester, MA. The first day, Friday, April 16, was held on the campus of Holy Cross. A preliminary morning discussion at the Dinand Library was followed by lunch at the Hogan Campus Center. There the Consortium member and their guests were joined by Profs. Jerome Bruner and Carol Feldman, both of New York University. Following lunch, Prof. Bruner [Bruner & Audience]presented the Inaugural Lecture for the Consortium, entitled The Reality of Fiction: Thoughts on Teaching Literature, in the beautiful new Rehm Library of Smith Hall. He spoke to a broad audience of Consortium members, guests, and faculty and students of both the College of the Holy Cross and Clark University. In the late afternoon, a second [Consortium Discussion]gathering of the Consortium members and guests in Rehm Library allowed individuals to introduce themselves and describe their research and teaching interests. The day ended with a reception and dinner in the Hogan Campus Center.
The second day of the conference, Saturday, April 17, was hosted at Clark University. A breakfast gathering allowed some new members who could not be present the day before to meet and chat for a while with their colleagues and friends. For two and a half hours in the late [Feldman Seminar]morning, Prof. Carol Feldman led the Consortium members in a wide-ranging seminar on the issue of American Identity, Narrative, and the Construction of the Self. Following a luncheon break, a long afternoon session allowed participants to "lauch" the Consortium by continuing the previous morning's discussion and moving to a broad conversation about the overall goals and objectives for the undergraduate and graduate faculty and institutions joining in the Consortium. Michael Bamberg (Clark) and Mark Freeman (Holy Cross), the conveners of the Consortium, led the discussion. The day ended with a lovely dinner and social gathering at the home of Michael Bamberg and Nancy Budwig with a seemingly endless proliferation of excellent conversations among the many faculty, graduate students, and guests who had gathered for the conference.
A final morning's session was held at Clark University on Sunday, April 18, with a sharpened focus on Consortium activities, especially innovative educational efforts that this grouping will promote, and issues of funding and sources of possible grants.
Additional photos from the Founding Conference will be posted as soon as Vinny Hevern gets a bit of time to put them in suitable form.









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