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History of Chemistry,

History of Science, and Scientific Biography

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Large non-specialized databases and search tools are often useful gateways to historical material. Jump to some of the general tools I frequently use.

The sites I've assembled specifically on topics in history of chemistry, history of science, and scientific biography are organized as follows:

Biographies and Archives

Collections of Short Biographies

Emphasis on Underrepresented groups

Archives and individual biographies

Developments in Chemistry

Developments in science more generally

Original Texts

Several large digital library projects have significant holdings in older chemistry books. Search for chemistry in HathiTrust Digital Library, Google books or Internet Archive.

Reference materials, curriculum materials, and directories in history of science

Exhibits and museums

Groups and organizations devoted to history of chemistry and science

Miscellaneous vanished (archived) sites

These sites used to be elsewhere on this page, but they disappeared. Thanks to the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, they live on, albeit sometimes in less functional condition than before. Some remain valuable resources while others are of greater interest for snapshots of the earlier internet.

Non-specialized search tools

Many of the resources below can be accessed simply through a Google search. (In other words, you may not have to go to ACS Publications first and search there: a simple Google search may get you there directly.)
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