Wayne A. Grove
Professor of Economics,
Le Moyne College

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 I. Winner-Take-All Markets: 

“Career Lotto: Labor Supply in Winner-Take-All Markets: Evidence from Professional Tennis,” with Michael Jetter and Kerry Papps, working paper 2018.   

II. Education and Labor Market Outcomes:

“Self-Confidence and Post-Baccalaureate Academic and Labor Market Outcomes,” with Weiwei Chen and Andrew Hussey, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017, 138, 10-29.

Preferential Admission and MBA Outcomes: Mismatch Effects by Race and Gender,” with Andrew Hussey, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy, forthcoming.

 “Returns to MBA Quality: Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Returns to Peers, Faculty, and Institution Quality,” Labour Economics, with Andrew Hussey, 2014, 26(1), 43-54.

The Payoff to School Selectivity: An Application of Dale and Krueger's Method to MBA Programs,” with Weiwei Chen and Andrew Hussey, Economic Letters, 2012.

"The Gender Pay Gap Beyond Human Capital: Heterogeneity in Noncognitive Skills and in Labor Market Tastes," with Andrew Hussey and Michael Jetter, Journal of Human Resources, 2011.

Returns to Field of Study versus School Quality: MBA Selection on Observed and Unobserved Heterogeneity,” with Andrew Hussey, Economic Inquiry, 2011.

 “Survive Then Thrive: Determining Success in the Economics Ph.D. Program,” Economic Inquiry, with Donald H. Dutkowsky and  Andrew Grodner, 2007.  

 The Search for Ph.D. Talent: Doctoral Completion and Research Productivity of Economists,” American Economic Review, with Stephen Wu, 2007.

  III. Student Learning:

Incentive and Student Learning,” in Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, Springer Publications, forthcoming, with Lester Hadsell, 2012.

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   IV. Economic History:

’Machinery Has Completely Taken Over,’ the Diffusion of the Mechanical Cotton Picker, 1949-1964, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, with Craig Heinicke, 2008.

Labor Markets, Regional Diversity, and Cotton Harvest Mechanization in the Post-WWII U.S.,Social Science History, with Craig Heinicke, 2005.

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"Why Do Banks Fail?  Evidence from the 1920s," Explorations in Economic History, with Lee Alston and David Wheelock, 1994.

 V. Responsibility Attribution and Voting:

Systematically Biased Beliefs About Political Influence: Evidence from the Perceptions of Political Influence on Policy Outcomes Survey,” with Bryan Caplan, Eric Crampton and Ilya Somin, PS: Political Science & Politics, 2013.

  Popular Press Publication:

"Why so many tennis players go pro even though few 'make it'", January 4, 2018, The Conversation, Michael Jetter, Kerry L. Papps, and Wayne A. Grove.


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