Professor Kekule's Reverie

June 2007; revised May 2009
Three-couple longways
36 bars of 2/4
Music: Molecular Structure by David Smukler

Calls refer to actives and positions (top, middle, bottom) rather than numbers that persist no matter where the person is.
 A1 Ones cross and go below (twos lead up after ones cross).
Ones two-hand turn neighbors below WHILE twos two-hand turn at the top.
 A2 Partners all back-to-back
Ones two-hand turn other neighbors (i.e., neighbors above) WHILE threes two-hand turn at the bottom.
All end the turn facing the person you turned.
 B1 Six changes of a circular hey, beginning by the right shoulder with the person you just turned and ending in the same place.
 B2 Circle left six hands round all the way.
Current ones cross and go below while bottom couple lead up.