Carmen's/Escamillo's Maggot

January 2009
Sicilian Circle mixer
Music: March of the Toreadors and Toreador Song from Carmen
40 bars of 2/4

Several variations are mentioned in the notes. Here is the first incarnation, in which the men progress around the set and the women stay near their home positions.
 A1 Ones [facing clockwise] lead through twos and cast back to place
Ones two-hand turn
 A2 Twos lead through ones and cast back to place
Twos two-hand turn
 B1 Partners change by right hand; neighbors half turn by left
Neighbors gypsy.
 B2 Men draw poussette neighbor halfway around set
Partners slow set & honor; men turn back on partner and cast behind neighbor to progressed place.
 B3 Full poussette with next partner (men advancing to start).