The English Patient

February 2012
Four couples longways, proper
Music: 32 bars of 2/4 or 16 bars of 4/4. I used Serenity Trail by Charlene Thomson (available on request), but I have not yet fixed a tune for the dance. Ideally it would have a repeating A part and non-repeating B.
Begin with ones facing twos, threes facing fours, inside hands of partners joined.
 A1 & A2 Full-set figure-eight (see notes):
Zig-zag (4 beats); then middles arch and dive while ends wheel around (4 beats).
Repeat 3 more times until everyone is back home.
 B Half poussette clockwise at each end (i.e., ones with twos, threes with fours).
Half poussette counterclockwise in the middle (i.e. original ones and fours).
 C Circle left four hands round at each end (i.e., original ones with threes and twos with fours)
Partners two hand turn once around.