Vatican II had a marvelous mind set of renewal in the Church. The word aggiornamento expresses this mind set very well. Because of our negligence to follow through in the spirit of aggiornamento, we are experiencing in our world of rapid changes a great deal of destructive dysfunctionality in some unadjusted traditional values and principles. The following nine essays try to point out some of these dysfunctionalities. Please note, these are topics for discussion and not statements of certainty.

A Strategy for Change.
Procreation and Love and Respect for Life.
The Family and Vatican II - Reflections.
Sin and Virtue. An Essay on Human Sexuality.
What are You Saying.
The Homosexual Matrix.
The Touchstone of Sex
A Metaphor to Accompany the Touchstone of Sex.
1. Corinthians.
A Call to Action
And Now What My Love
Christian Family and the Ecological Perspective.
The Cultural Bias.
An Inquiry.
Population Dilemma.

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