Titterstone Clee

Source: Written in 19?? by Andy Anderson (Red Stags). Taught to the Hounds in 1992 by James Allwright (Red Stags).

Tune: Mad Moll of the Cheshire Hunt (John Locke) as A(AB)3A (A=sticking, B=figures).

Variants: The Hounds have danced this in a line of 8, with the following adaptions. In the chorus, all three middle pairs turn and clash, etc. For rounds, all middles turn and all circle in a single large oval until you can stick with the same person. For the back-to-backs, do large back-to-backs as below and extra-large back-to-backs (like large back-to-backs, but with groups of 4). For linear bombast, all three middle pairs dance around one another, etc. (inverting the set).

Formation: A line of four, each dancer with one short stick.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Chorus, Rounds, Chorus, Small and Large Back-To-Backs, Chorus, Linear Bombast, Chorus

Chorus: Step throughout (right-foot lead is easiest). Middles turn over their right shoulders and clash backhand as x-x-xxx-, then pass by right shoulders and clash with the ends. All pass right shoulders and middles clash, then middles pass right shoulders and clash with the ends. Repeat from the "middles turn ", ending back where you started.

Rounds: Notice who you're facing. Middles turn over their right shoulder and lead the ends into a circle, circling approximately once until you are across from the person you were facing, and clash across the set as x-x-xxx- x-x-xxx-. Circle back the way you came, into a line, and clash in line.

Small Back-To-Backs: Pass the person you're facing by right shoulders, growl at the next person, turn over your right shoulder, repeat and clash in line. (You will always move forward.)
Large Back-To-Backs: Middles turn over their right shoulder and lead the ends past the other couple, passing by right shoulders. All turn individually over their right shoulder, then the ends lead the middles back to line, passing the other couple by right shoulders again. Ends turn over their right shoulder and all clash in line.

Linear Bombast: The middles dance clockwise around one another 360 degrees (as if their backs were attached), then pass right shoulders with the end they were originally facing. Ends pass the middles and then each other (by right shoulders), then do as the middles did. At this point the line will be inverted. Clash in line. Repeat this whole sequence and you'll be back to where you started.

This page was written by Mike Miller of the Bassett Street Hounds and was last edited on 10/5/97.

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