Morning Glory

Source: Written in 1991 by Andy Anderson (Red Stags). Transmitted to the Hounds by James Allwright (Red Stags) in 1996.

Tune: Morning Glory (by Andy Anderson) as A(AB)5A (A=sticking, B=figures).

Variants: This can be done with 4 by slowing down the hey.

Formation: Alternating line and rectangle of 6 dancers, each with one short stick.

Sequence: Once to Yourself, Four Hits, Hey, 1-Move-2, Cross & Swing, 1-Move-2, Hey, 1-Move-2, J-Loops, 1-Move-2, Hey, Four Hits.

1-Move-2: Step throughout.
If in a line: Pair up and clash forehand in line as x-x-xxx-, then all face the center and each group of three move forward as a unit, passing left shoulders with the other group into a rectangular set of 6. Finish by clashing forehand across the set as x-x-xxx- x-x-xxx-.
If in a set: Clash forehand across the set as x-x-xxx-, then all face left and each group of three move forward as a unit, dancing to a line of 6. Finish by pairing up and clashing forehand in line as x-x-xxx- x-x-xxx-.

Four Hits: While stepping in line, clash forehand as x-x-xxx-, repeating a total of four times.

Hey: Do a hey for 6 in your line, beginning by passing right shoulders.

Cross and Swing: Pass right shoulders across the set and turn over your right shoulder to face back into the set. Approach your partner at the centerline of the set, transferring your stick into your left hand. At the beginning of the phrase, reach around your partner's waist with your right arm and swing, ending back in place.

J-Loops: Do 3/4 of a right-shoulder back-to-back with your partner, ending on the centerline of the set at the middle of the phrase. Continue around your partner, passing them a second time by the right. Turn over your right shoulder to face back into the set, ending in your partner's original place. (If you go beyond your partner's place, you'll have too far to go in the repeat.) Repeat to get back to your original place.

This page was written by Mike Miller of the Bassett Street Hounds and was last edited on 10/16/97.

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