Welcome to my Personal Lifestyle page.

This page is designed to show who I am and to give an example of the

activities that I participate in outside of school.  Also, this page is dedicated to

all of of my friends that met here at Le Moyne College, my extended family, and of course the FIRM.

 I apologize to those who I have not put on this page, but also there are links to websites that may have

pictures of more of my friends and I (http://community.webshots.com/user/mainattraction2,http://community.webshots.com/user/mainattraction1)

Under each picture is a brief description of what I like to do and also where I am in the picture.



here I am, the Face of Le Moyne ( Mr. Le moyne)

This is one of the official greeting cards from Le Moyne college,

I know , I should just forget college and go into modeling right!!



On my spare time I like to go beaching, so this is one of my

beaching pictures in Hawaii, I go there once a year or whenever i get a chance.


Just another picture of me:

6'6" athletic, humorous, outgoing.

I collect Jet Skis, here are a few pictures of me

showing off.


This is me and one of my best friends, Abraham Guerrero, my

former roomate here at Le Moyne college.  This picture was taken

in London last year.

Well, here is  another one of my hobbies.  I like to go dirt biking. 

This picture was actually taken in a family members house in

Puerto Rico.


Here is a random picture of me and my friends.

Yes, I like to go beaching, this picture was taken

on a beach front in florida.

(The Firm)  This is a group picture of my best friends

here at Le Moyne college.

Aviator glasses...the best...

Beaching again....yup


           This picture was taken before the famous Snowball

dance.  I like formal dances, so I attend them every year

here at Le moyne College.










Last but not least, on the right, is the picture of DOLPHY DAY!!!

If you are not from Le Moyne, you may not know what Dolphy Day is,

Um.... lets just say its a fun day here at Le Moyne and keep it

as that.


Special thanks to the FIRM....Oraine...Javier...Abe...Danny...Pete...Drew...Lenny...Dave...Rob...Anthony..Sammy..Kal..Al..Paul


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