Racism as a Call to Deception

Part One:  Preparatory: Discuss some issues related to causation

I.  Sketch some problems of causation from Aristotle through  Hume and Whitehead
II.  Explain some of the problems of applying causal theory to the human
III.  Review overdetermination and multiple causation.  Use analogy of cancer and it multiple causes.  Over determination as applied to Racism, making sure to clarify the distinction between the necessary and the sufficient

Part Two:  Some aspects of  a metapsychology of self-deception
I. Calls

II. Defense Mechanisms: Purpose and function of protecting ego (the importance of importance) III. Discuss my current assumptions about human possibility and plasticity
IV. The threat of possibility V. Racism VI. Racism as deception which (especially in extreme cases of demonization) but even in milder cases) supports M. Kagan, for Philosophy 403, Fall 1996; last revised 3/6/2007.

See Simone De Beauvoir's The Second Sex  for her discussion of the temptations of objectification; and M. Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled, for his argument for the importance of laziness and inertia to the development of evil.
See Lewis Gordon's Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism for what, according to a reviewer (Cleavis Headley) appears to me to be a similar account. (Reviewed in Teaching Philosophy 19:4 (December1996) 403-406).

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