Some group work on persuasion and conviction



Break up into small groups.  Delegate one or more members of your group to (1) prepare a written summary of your group's discussion and (2) make a list of your group's members.  Unless discussing information known publicly (for example, stories about famous or fictional characters), please preserve the privacy of the people in your  examples.


Discuss the following.


Note: If you were not in class for this group exercise, please complete it and turn it in as soon as you can.

1. Someone (X) changed Xs mind about  (state the issue or problem):


2.  X did this because (give x's reasons):

3.  Would members of your group change your opinion on this issue or problem on the basis of the same reasons?  Why/why not?

Michael Kagan,, for PHL 210

Last revised 9/14/18