Philosophy of Hair


Variation in just how seriously it has been taken


Mammals, but our comparative lack of hair (even with respect to other primates) has athletic advantage for long distance running (cooling) and some other activities

Cultural and subcultural

Variation in just how seriously it has been taken
(songs,  humor, and their sources)

Hair as an issue and as a symbol
African-American and Jewish challenges, process, Afros & Jewfros
Wigs/Hair as status and rank markers

Biblical roles and rules (corners)

Judaism (and Christianity) – Hair and status; hair, holidays, mourning rituals
Marital status
Warrior status
Anglo-American cultures

Control of hair as representative of an authority's control

Concentration  camps



Martial Arts



Hair and status, again


(Digression on Erving Goffman and staging of self)
Hair & Art
Hair & Gender
Hair and stage of life/Hair and age
Hair & style


Hair & Class in the 60's high school.


Michael Kagan 

Le Moyne College 

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