Group Work on Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower. M. Kagan, Philosophical Perspectives (PHL 201) Spring 1996
Group Work on Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, Chs. 1- 6.

Break up into small groups (of 3-5). Then discuss the following. Delegate one or more members of your group to prepare an oral and written summary of your group's discussion. (I suggest using a chart format for question #2.)

1. Who is the narrator? What is important about her? What particular problem is bothering her?

2. Make a list of the other characters in the first six chapters. What is important about them? What problem(s), if any, is/are bothering each of them?

3. Which of their problems do people share today? Which people share them?

4. Review the concept of parable. What is this parable about? Are any in your group familiar with another "parable of the sower?" If so, have them remind you of it; if not, ask around the other groups.

5. Briefly summarize the narrator's theology and her theory of the human person. How are they related?

6. What do you think the narrator thinks is the purpose of a community? What do you think of her opinion?

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