Group work on Orson Scott Card's "Bicicleta"

Break up into small groups. Delegate one or more members of your group to (1) prepare a summary of your group's discussion and (2) make a list of your group's members

Discuss your answers to the following questions.

1. How do  you think the characters in this story learned what is important to them?

2. What do the missionaries have an opportunity to learn from the situation described in this story? 

3. What is hard about learning to ride a bicycle? What might one learn from this experience?

4. Does it make sense to you that even the poor people in this story feel obligated to tithe? Why or why not?

For Philosophy 403, Senior Seminar on Heroism and the Human Spirit, Le Moyne College, Prof. Michael Kagan, last updated 4/2/2018


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