Class group work on Saki's "The Open Window."

Divide into groups and answer the following questions about Saki's story "The Open Window."  Make sure your summary includes names of the members of your group.  Be prepared to share some of your answers with the class.

1. Who is the most interesting person in this story? Why?

2. Who is the least interesting person in this story? Why?

3. Who seems to be the most admirable person in this story? Why?

4. What kind of person is the "target" of this story?

5. Do the characters in this story remind you of anyone you know? If so, without naming real names, explain how so.  

6.  Do you know anyone who makes up stories about themselves and people they know and then pretends these stories are true when they meet new people? Do you think this has anything to do with what they think is heroic or makes someone an impressive person?

7.  Think of someone that you do not know personally, but think is an excellent person or heroic (or a terrible person!).  How have stories you’ve heard about this person influenced your determination that this person is excellent, heroic, or terrible?


M. Kagan, COR 400G / PHL 403, Senior Seminar on Heroism and the Human Spirit, Le Moyne College, November 2002 (last revised April 2006); minor  edits Dec. 4, 2017, 11/21/19.

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