Group Work on Le Guin's "Those Who Walk Away from Omelas" 

Break up into small groups. Delegate one or more members of your group to (1) prepare a summary of your group's discussion and (2) make a list of your group's members.

 Discuss your answers to the following questions.

 1. What is the sacrifice that makes the society in this story possible? Is this sacrifice justified?

 2. Do the societies described in Bluest Eye or Night offer any human sacrifices? If so, what are they? Which, if any, are justified? Why?

 3. Le Guin seems to think that our society shares certain important similarities with that described in her story? What do you think they are? Is she right?

 4. Who are the heroic/best people in the Le Guin story? Why? What do they do?

 5.  Do you know anybody who has had a chance to be like the heroic/best people in this story?  If so, what did they do with this opportunity?  Please explain.

Michael Kagan, for Philosophy 403, Heroism and the Human Spirit, Le Moyne College