Philosophy 311-11

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Formal Logic

  MWF 9:35 -10:20 AM, TU 2-2:20PM, and by appointment.

Syllabus for Fall, 2013

Prof. Michael Kagan

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The course will focus on the development of the ability to analyze and criticize attempts at persuasion, offered by philosophers using the language and techniques of modern symbolic logic ("formal logic").


W.V. Quine's Methods of Logic, fourth edition (ML)


In order to accomplish this goal, we will proceed through discussion and exercises originating in the lecture and reading material, homework, quizzes, and an optional final .


  1. Homework/exercises, participation [50%];
  2. 2 quizzes and optional final [50%] - the optional final counts as 2 quizzes


In coordination with the Academic Support Center (ASC), reasonable accommodations are provided for qualified students with disabilities. Please register with the ASC Office for disability verification and determination of reasonable accommodations. After receiving your accommodation form from the ASC, you will need to make an appointment with me to review the form and discuss your needs. Please make every attempt to meet with me within the first week of class so your accommodations can be provided in a timely manner. You can either stop by the ASC, Library, 1st floor, or call (445-4118-voice or 445-4104-TDD) to make an appointment.


   No class or office hours on the following times/dates:   Mon., Sept. 2, Labor Day; Wed. Sep. 4, Mass of the Holy Spirit (classes canceled 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM; Classes resume at 1:30); Thursday, Sep. 5 (Rosh HaShanah); Saturday September 14,  (Yom Kippur); Oct. 14-15, Fall Break; Nov. 27-29, Thanksgiving Break.  
   Last day of class:  Dec. 6 (Fri.).  Quiz 1 -  FRI., OCT. 18.  Friday, Nov. 15, last day for P/F and last day to withdraw with a "W."  Quiz 2:  MON., NOV. 18.  Optional Final exam - Friday, December 13, 9:00-11:30am.


If campus/dorms are closed due to flu or other circumstances, my intent is that the course continue.    Assignments continue to be due by email. Presentations will be replaced by papers, virtual presentations, or extended descriptions of  presentations.  In addition to notes and group work already available there on-line,  I will post updates, lecture notes, etc.,  to my Le Moyne College website at

As at other times, if your situation results in your needing an extension, please let me know.  Also, if internet service is down or there are other infrastructure problems, please complete the assignments and turn them in when services are restored. 


(Last revised 8/19/13.)
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