Materials for COR 400G - Heroism and the Human Spirit

Fall 2019

In-class writings, group work, and some related links

         In-class Future Autobiography exercise 

         Group work on Saki's (1870-1916) story, "The Open Window"

         Group Work on Jessica Amanda Salmonson's "Meditations and Confessions Regarding My Disturbing Ability" (from A Silver Thread of Madness)

         Link to Violet Books, Jessica Amanda Salmonson's on-line bookstore, which will link you to some of her essays and another story

         Group Work on Le Guin's "Those Who Walk Away from Omelas"

         Link to an interview with Octavia Butler

         Group Work on Octavia E. Butler and "Positive Obsession"

         Group Work on Octavia E. Butler's "Furor Scribendi"

         Group work on Rebbe Nachman's "The Turkey Prince"

         Group Work on Orson Scott Card's "Mortal Gods"

         Group Work on Orson Scott Card's "Bicicleta"

         Group Work on Orson Scott Card's "Gert Fram"

         Group Work on Sex and Gender Distinction

         [In-class Writing on Childhood Heroes]

         [In-class Writing on Night]

         [Group work on Orson Scott Card's "The Porcelain Salamander"]

         [Group work on "Harrison Bergeron"]

         [Group work on Self-Deception]

         Group work on Orson Scott Card's "Middle Woman"

         [Link to Toni Morrison Page]

         [Group work on The Bluest Eye]

         [Group work on Night]

         [Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Related Links from JEWISHNT - Jewish Global Information Network]

         [Group work on "The Body"]

         [Group work on Anthem]

         [Group work on Slaughterhouse Five]

         [Group work on The Autobiography of Malcolm X]

         [Links to material on Malcolm X]

Notes, instructions, and samples

         Notes for Lecture on "Aristotle, Becker, King, Childhood, and Scary Stories"

         Reading S. King's "Breathing Method"

         Some notes on identity, character and culture

         Notes on Heroic Scripting

         [Some notes on self-deception]

         [Racism as a call to deception (outline)]

         Some notes on sex/gender distinction

         ["P" is a sample of the writing exercise in which biological sex and social gender characteristics are not stated and cannot be inferred.]

         [One Way to Write a Philosophy Paper] (provides a brief outline of one of the standard ways to go about writing a philosophy paper)

         [Theodicy: The Problem of Evil] (provides a brief discussion of some the responses to the problem of evil in the context of theodicy)

         [Anthropodicy: The Problem of Evil] (a brief list of some of the explanations of human evil)

         M. Kagan notes for lecture on possibilities and practice

Hillel's Patience and Akiba's Persistence

Hillel and Akiba links

Ayn Rand Links

         [M. Kagan's notes on and reconstruction of Ayn Rand's Ethical Egoism, and links to other Rand/Objectivism material ]

         The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies  

Vonnegut and Card Links

       Hatrack River - The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card


         Links to material on Kurt Vonnegut and Slaughterhouse Five]

Berne, Raffa, Campbell Jung and Becker

         Kagan notes on Berne from Heroic Scripting lecture

         Suppose Neo really is a machine or Trinity is "the one"   . . . some extra-credit work on Campbell's Monomyth and any of the following movies:  Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, or the Matrix

         ["Raffa and Campbell" - M. Kagan's notes on Jean Benedict Raffa's Bridge to Wholeness]

         Victor Daniel's notes on Jung

         Kagan notes on Jung

         [Some more Links to C. G. Jung Information on the Internet] The Jung links include a brief biography & bibliography and additional information on some of the Jungian ideas discussed in class.

         Becker--Perspectives on Culture, Heroism, and Excellence [Kagan notes from PHL 201 on Ernest Becker's Birth and Death of Meaning] [P.S.: Applying Confucius and Becker]

         [The Legacy of Ernest Becker: Part I] and [The Legacy of Ernest Becker: Part 2] (Biography and commentary on Becker's work by Ron Leifer. M.D., one of Becker's closest friends)