Philosophic Thought of the Middle Ages (PHL 314)

Syllabus and some notes on the assignments

  • [Philosophic Thought of the Middle AgesSyllabus]

    Some Jewish Medieval Philosophers

  • [lecture notes on Saadia Gaon]
  • [notes on Maimonides/RAMBAM (1135-1204)]
  • [Maimonides on the Foundations of Torah from theMishneh Torah (approx. 70K.) ]
  • [Some More Jewish Philosophical Links]

    Some Islamic Philosophers

  • [lecture notes for Al-Gazali material inHyman and Walsh]
  • [Some More Islamic Philosophical Links]

    Some Christian Medieval Philosophers

  • [Augustine and Boethius Links]
  • [Richard Murdey's Erigena papers]
  • [Catholic Encyclopediaarticle on St. Bonaventure]
  • [Anselm's Ontological Argument]
  • [Abelarde and Heloise Links]
  • [CatholicEncyclopedia: Thomas Aquinas, Saint (approx. 77K.)]
  • [St. ThomasAquinas: SummaTheologica]
  • [Links to Information on Ockham]

    Classics and Classical Languages Resources

  • Le Moyne Prof. John McMahon's "Classic" home page

  • [Some information on the Latin/Greek Institute, Brooklyn College and CUNY's Summer Institute for intensive Latin and Greek Study]

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