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August 28. 2020

                      Images]PSY 101 Introductory Psychology

Instructor: Vincent W. Hevern, SJ, Ph.D.

  • Section 03 MWF  11:00-11:50 am ONLINE
  • Section 04 MWF  12:00-12:50 pm ONLINE

2020 Fall


Schedule of Modules, Classes, & Assignments
All page assignments are given for the Weiten (10h edition/2017) textbook.

Date Modules: Topics & Assignments  

Module 1: Introduction to Psychology

1 Mo Aug 31
Introduction to PSY 101 First day of class 
  We Sep 02
Psychology in General (The Evolution of Psychology)

Ch. 1. pp. 1-29

Module 2: How Do We Normally Develop Over Our Lifetime?

  Fr Sep 04
Human Development: Progress Before Birth: Prenatal Development; Motor, Social, and Language Development in Childhood Ch. 10, pp. 339-349
2 Mo Sep 07
Human Development: Personality & Cognitive Development in Childhood Ch. 10, pp. 349-358

We Sep 09
Human Development: The Transition of Adolescence; The Expanse of Adulthood. Reflecting on the Chapter's Themes Ch. 10, pp. 358-370; 376-377

Fr Sep 11
Human Development: Complete chapter

Module 3: What Happens When We Remember (or Forget) Things?

3 Mo Sep 14
Human Memory I: Encoding: Getting Information Into Memory; Storage: Maintaining Information in Memory; Retrieval: Getting Information Out of Memory Ch. 7, pp. 223-237

Sep 16
Human Memory II: Forgetting; In  Search of the Memory Trace; Different Types of Memory Systems. Reflecting on the Chapter's Themes. Personal Application: Improving Everyday Memory. Critical Thinking Application: Understanding the Fallibility of Eyewitness Testimony Ch. 7, 238-259

Fr Sep 18 Human Memory III (continued)

Mo Sep 21
Test #1 on Modules 1-2-3

Module 4: How Do We Learn to Cope with the World?

We Sep 23
Learning I: Classical Conditioning; Recognizing Contrast Effects: Manipulating Emotions: Pavlov & Persuasion Ch. 6, pp. 183-192; 218-219

Fr Sep 25
Learning II: Operant Conditioning & Changing Directions in the Study of Conditioning Ch. 6, 192-209
5 Mo Sep 28
Learning III: Observational Learning; Reflecting on Chapter's Themes

Ch. 6, 209-214, 220-221

Module 5: What Are the Biological Bases for Our Behaviors?

We Sep 30
Biological Bases of Behavior I: Communication in the Nervous System Ch. 3, pp. 65-74

Fr Oct 02
Biological Bases of Behavior II:  Organization of the NS; Brain & Behavior; Right Brain/Left Brain: Cerebral Specialization; The Endocrine System: Another Way to Communicate Ch. 3, pp. 74-90; 99-101
Mo Oct 05
Biological Bases of Behavior III: Heredity & Behavior: Is it all in the genes?; Evolutionary Bases of Behavior

Ch. 3, pp. 91-99, 104-105

Module 6: How Does Psychology Know What It Knows?
The Methods of Research

We Oct 07
Research in Psychology I: Looking for Laws: The Scientific Approach to Behavior; Looking for Causes: Experimental Research Ch. 2, pp. 31-41

Fr Oct 09

Research in Psychology II: Looking for Links: Correlational Research, Evaluating Research, Ethics
Ch. 2, pp. 42-57; 60-61; 62-63
Mo Oct 12
Test #2 on Modules 4-5-6

Date Topic & Assignment  

Module 7: Our Feelings, Desires, Drives, & Goals: Motivation & Emotion

  We Oct 14
Motivation & Emotion I: Motivational Theories & Concepts; The Motivation of Hunger and Eating Ch. 9, pp. 303-312
  Fr Oct 16
Motivation & Emotion II: Sex Motivation & Behavior; The Achievement Motivation
For your information faculty will turn in
Mid-Term Grades by noon today
Ch. 9, pp. 312-320
8 Mo Oct 19
Motivation & Emotion III: The Elements of Emotional Experience; Theories of Emotion Ch. 9, pp. 320-330; 336-337

We Oct 21
Motivation & Emotion V: Theories of Emotion (cont'd); Personal Application: Exploring the Ingredients of Happiness; Reflecting on Chapter's Themes

Ch. 9, pp. 331-333

Module 8: Why Are We The Way We Are? Personality

Fr Oct 23
Personality I: The Nature of Personality; Psychodynamic Perspectives (Freud, etc. Ch. 11, pp. 379-391
9 Mo Oct 26
Personality II: Behavioral Perspectives; Humanistic Approaches; Biological Perspectives Ch. 11, pp. 402-413; 416-417

We Oct 28
Personality III: Contemporary Empirical Approaches: Narcissism; Culture & Personality; Personality Assessment [Note: Overview of Theories on pp. 404-405)

Ch. 11, pp. 402-406; 408-413; 416-417

Fr Oct 30
To Be Announced

Mo Nov 02
Test #3 on Modules 7 & 8

Module 9: How Do We Behave Around Other People? Social Psychology

We Nov 04
Social Behavior I: Person Perception (Forming Impressions of Others); Attribution Processes (Explaining Behavior) Ch. 12, pp. 419-426

Fr Nov 06
Social Behavior II: Interpersonal Attraction (Liking & Loving): Attitudes (Making Social Judgments) Ch. 12, pp. 427-439
11 Mo
Nov 09
Social Behavior III: Conformity & Obedience (Yielding to Others); Behavior in Groups (Joining with Others) Ch. 12, pp. 439-448

We Nov 11
Social Behavior IV Understanding Prejudice; The Just World Phenomenon

Ch. 12, pp. 449-451; 454-455

Module 10: Awake, Asleep, Hypnotized, Dreaming:
The Different Levels of Consciousness

Fr Nov 13 Variations in Consciousness I: Consciousness; Biological Rhythms & Sleep; Sleeping Ch. 5, pp. 147-161
12 Mo Nov 16
Variations in Consciousness II: The World of Dreams; Hypnosis.

Ch. 5, pp. 162-167; 180-181

Module 11: A (Very) Short Look at Clinical Psychology

We Nov 18
Psychological Disorders I: Abnormal Behavior: General Concepts; Anxiety Disorders Ch. 14, pp. 491-500

Nov 20
Psychological Disorders II: Depressive & Bipolar Disorders & Schizophrenic Disorder Ch. 14, pp. 503-514
13 Mo Nov 23 Treatment of Psychological Disorders: Elements of Treatment & A Broad Overview of Treatment Modalities
Ch. 15, pp. 533-537 & summary on pp. 566-567

Test #4 on Modules 9-10-11

This last test only covers these three modules. You will take the test from home the week after Thanksgiving. When I get the actual test date for each class section, I'll post it here and notify you. There is NO summary test covering all the semester.