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November 24, 2020
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology[psychology

Instructor: Vincent W. Hevern, S.J., Ph.D.

  • Section 03 MWF 11:00-11:50 am ONLINE
  • Section 04 MWF 12:00-12:50 pm ONLINE

Lecture Notes (FALL 2020)   

Below you will find two different kinds of materials

  • NOTES (or POWERPOINT HANDOUTS) are the complete set of materials that I use for each individual class lecture. You should consider downloading these and printing them out.
  • [OUTLINES] or [POWERPOINTS] are the visual (and sometimes sound) materials for a class that I will use on my computer screen and which I will talk about in each lecture. If we were holding class face-to-face, the OUTLINES or POWERPOINTS would be the material I'd be projecting on a screen in the front of the classroom. There is no need for your to download these.

Module 1: Introduction to Psychology
Mon  Aug 31 Class 01  Introduction to PSY 101 NOTES FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS
Wed  Sep 02 Class 02  Psychology in General (The Evolution of Psychology) NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 2: How Do We Normally Develop Over Our Lifetime?
Fri Sep 04 Class 03  Human Development I: Prenatal, Early Development in Childhood NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Sep 07 Class 04  Human Development II: Personality & Cognitive Development in Childhood NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed Sep 09 Class 05  Human Development III: The Transition to Adolescence; Adulthood NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Fri Sep 11
Class 06 Human Development IV: Adulthood & Aging, Complete Chapter No new notes for Class 06

Module 3: What Happens When We Remember (or Forget) Things?
Mon Sep 14
Class 07: Memory I: Getting Information In & Out of Memory NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed Sep 16
Class 08: Memory II: Forgetting, Systems of Memory NOTES  [OUTLINE] also Organization of LT Memory pdf
Fri Sep 18
Class 09: Memory III: Physiology of Memory & Types of Memory Systems NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Sep 21
Test #1 on Modules 1, 2, & 3 (via Canvas)

Module 4: How Do We Learn to Cope with the World?
Wed Sep 23
Class 10: Learning I: Classical Conditioning POWERPOINT HANDOUT  [POWERPOINT]
Fri Sep 25
Class 11: Learning II: Operant Conditioning POWERPOINT HANDOUT  [POWERPOINT]
Mon Sep 28
Class 12: Learning III: Observational Learning NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 5: What Are the Biological Bases for Our Behaviors?
Wed Sep 30
Class 13: Biopsychology I: Communication in the Nervous System (NS) NOTES  [OUTLINEVIA ZOOM
Fri Oct 02
Class 14: Biopsychology II: How the NS is organized; Specialization NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Oct 05
Class 15: Biopsychology III: Heredity & Behavior; Evolutionary Influences NOTES  [OUTLINE

Module 6: How Does Psychology Know What It Knows? The Methods of Research
Wed Oct 07
Class 16: Research I: Looking for Laws & Experimental Research NOTES  [OUTLINEVIA ZOOM
Fri Oct 09
Class 17: Research II: Looking for Links: Correlational Research, Evidence, Ethics NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Mon Oct 12
Test #2 on Modules 4, 5 & 6 (via Canvas)

Module 7: Our Feelings, Desires, Drives, & Goals: Motivation & Emotion
Wed Oct 14
Class 18: M & E I: Theories of Motivation; Hunger & Eating NOTES  [OUTLINE] VIA ZOOM
Fri Oct 16
Class 19: M & E II: Sex Motivation & Behavior; Achievement Motivation NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Oct 19
Class 20: M & E III: Emotions: Elements of Emotion & Theories of Emotion NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed Oct 21
Class 21 M & E IV: Theories of Emotion (cont'd), Happiness Notes from last class VIA ZOOM 

Module 8: Why Are We The Way We Are? Personality
Fri Oct 23
Class 22 Personality I: Nature of Personality; Psychodynamic Theories (Freud, etc.) NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mo Oct 26
Class 23 Personality II: Some Other Approaches to Personality NOTES  [OUTLINE]
We Oct 28
Class 24 Personality III: Narcissism NOTES VIA ZOOM
Fri Oct 30
Class 25 To be announced

Mon Nov 02
Test #3 on Modules 7 & 8 (via Canvas)

Module 9: How Do We Behavior Around Other People? Social Psychology
Wed Nov 04
Class 26 Social Behavior I: Person Perception & Attribution NOTES  [OUTLINE] VIA ZOOM
Fri Nov 06
Class 27 Social Behavior II: Interpersonal Attraction; Attitudes NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Nov 09
Class 28 Social Behavior III: Conformity & Obedience; Behavior in Groups NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Wed Nov 11
Class 29 Social Behavior IV: Understanding Prejudice: The Just World Phenomenon NOTES  [OUTLINE] VIA ZOOM

Module 10: Awake, Asleep, Hypnotized, Dreaming: The Different Levels of Consciousness
Fri Nov 13
Class 30 Consciousness I: Consciousness, Biological Rhythms, Sleeping NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Nov 16
Class 31 Consciousness II: Sleep, cont'd. Dreams & Hypnosis NOTES  [OUTLINE]

Module 11: A (Very) Short Look at Clinical Psychology
Wed Nov 18
Class 32 Psych Disorders I: Abnormal Behavior; General Concepts, Anxiety NOTES  [OUTLINE] VIA ZOOM
Fri Nov 20
Class 33 Psych Disorders II: Depression, Bipolar Disorder NOTES  [OUTLINE]
Mon Nov 23
Class 34: Treating Disorders: Elements of Treatment & Different Forms of Treatment NOTES  [OUTLINE]

After Thanksgiving Week
Test #4 on Modules 9, 10, & 11 (via Canvas)

The last test only covers these three modules. You will take this test at home the week after Thanksgiving. Remember: There is NO summary test covering the entire semester. As with all three previous exams, the test will be a multiple-choice of 35-40 questions and you will have about 50-60 minutes to complete it.

  • PSY 101-03 (11 am class) Exam will be made available on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 9:00 am. You will need to complete it by 11:30 am.
  • PSY 101-04 (12 Noon class). Exam will be made available on Friday, Dec. 4, at 3 pm. You will need to complete it by 5:30 pm.