Joining ISDS

Acceptance and publication of a paper or commentary in the International Journal for Dialogical Science (IJDS) automatically leads to membership in the ISDS. This policy has the advantage that membership is directly dependent on the scientific and professional interest and qualities of the person who submits a manuscript. Another advantage is that there is no obligation to pay any dues. In this way the journal maintains an open character with a simultaneous guarantee of the quality of its papers by means of peer-review.

Overall Criteria for Membership

Membership of the Society is open to persons meeting the following criteria:

(1) Possession of an appropriate university degree, or, at least completion of the appropriate coursework for such a degree;

(2) Serving as either a researcher or practitioner in one of the requisite fields allied with Dialogical Self theory such as psychology, philosophy, etc. (see the Society's Objectives: Item (d));

(3) Service to the Society by means of at least one of these mechanisms:

  (a) acceptance of an article or publishing an invited article or commentary in the IJDS,
  (b) serving as an editor for the IJDS,
  (c) serving on the Scientific Committee for international conferences,
  (d) serving on the Executive Board of the Society, or
  (e) other forms of service as accepted by the Executive Board.

Membership in the society is permanent.