English written proposals for a symposium, paper or poster presentation can be submitted on a subject relevant to the conference. Abstracts are not to exceed 200 words and the title should be as concise as possible.

A symposium proposal must include a submission form for the entire symposium, having a duration of 2 hours, as well as separate abstracts for each of its presenters.
Paper presentations, not to take more than 20 minutes, will be scheduled into 2-hour sessions.
Posters, having a maximum size of of 180 cm (heighth) x 90 cm (width), can be displayed during the whole conference. Posters will be mounted on chipboards with two-sided sticky scoth tape that will be provided. No other material will be allowed. Make sure your poster will not be too heavy. Posters are to be mounted on Friday 18/10 between 12:00 and 13:20 hrs. We would like to remind poster presenters to take down their poster after lunch on Sunday 19/10. They are also invited to be available for supplementary information during poster viewing sessions.

Mind marking any material request on your proposal submission. Note that, if using slides, they need to be standard (35 mm) format. A slide room will be at your disposal.

The deadline for abstract submission was June 14, 2002. Following review by the Scientific Committee, authors are usually informed on the status of acceptance within a few days after having submitted their proposal. At the latest - especially if a lot of authors would be submitting their proposal the last few weeks - they will be informed on the status of acceptance by June 30, 2002.

It should be borne in mind that each presenter has to register and only the abstracts of registered and fully paid participants will be entered in the final conference program book. But since authors will generally be informed on the acceptance status of their proposal rather quickly, there will be enough time to register (even at the lowest rate i.e. prior to July 15) before the conference program book is finalized (a few weeks before the conference) to be sent off to the printer.

The SICDS Organizing Committee would like to stimulate ONLINE SUBMISSION OF PRESENTATION PROPOSALS. If not choosing this option, you should send the fully completed submission form (enclosed in the second announcement or printed from this website) to the Conference Secretariat accompanied by a disk containing a file (Word or Word Perfect) with your abstract(s).

To submit your presentation proposal online to the Conference Secretariat, click the box 'PROPOSAL FOR PRESENTATION' at the bottom of this page, completely fill in the appearing form and then click the 'Submit' button in the bottom-left corner of the proposal form.